April Showers Bring May Flowers, Right?

Turns out you can’t stop the rain from falling no matter how long you wish for clear weather, or run from the building clouds when you know the storm has already filled the whole sky. Turns out, sometimes it rains, then it pours, pours harder, then keeps on pouring. And yes it’s hard to see past the clouds to the hiding sun, and even harder when you get a glimpse of light and then more clouds come rolling in, faster and darker than the ones before.

And truth is, when it’s clear that the storm is here to stay, when you’ve realized you’re in the wet region, when the almanac proclaims a rainy season… it’s not all that easy to willingly accept. Not when you’ve barely made peace with the last storm, and definitely not when you keep catching glimpses of the sun only to be caught in the middle of a sudden downpour each time your heart begins to make room for joy.

And sometimes, even those closest to you won’t understand the way the wind blows you off your feet or the way the rain feels with each painful drop. Because the truth is that not everyone is willing to get wet or surround themselves with a storm they know nothing about…

So the winds keep blowing and the rain keeps falling and where is my God when I’m drowning in fear?

And the clouds just get darker and your support team seems to drift away in the current surrounding you and where is my God when I’m facing it all alone?


But He’s here, He’s right here, and yes Christ can cease the storm in a second. And when He hung bruised, bleeding, and barely breathing on that cross, of course He could have saved Himself and showed everyone how powerful He was in that moment.

But He didn’t. He didn’t make that situation better that day because He was willing to make it better for eternity… He had to face the torturous storm because He had to accomplish something greater: the saving of our souls and life with Him forever if only we just believe. The darkest moment had to be suffered through so that God could only bring better. And all those onlookers, doubters and believers alike, had no idea what greatness was to come as they watched the world grow dark. Not until Christ rose did everyone clearly see that there was a purpose through the darkness…that what was thought to be intended for evil, actually only brought good.

But that’s how it is with the storms, both small and large. It’s hard to see clearly when it’s raging around you, but that doesn’t mean God is absent. When it feels like the storm is too powerful and too large, that’s when God is working to show you that He is even more powerful and larger. 

And you might not see it within the hurricane you’re in or feel it within the flood around you, but God doesn’t take us on a path unless it is the best path for us. And God’s paths don’t take on a form that is anything but perfect. That means that even when you think and dream of a thousand ways your life could be better, this is your better, this is the path that God has you on to bring about His glory, so nothing that you choose could beat what God is doing through you now. It feels broken and painful, and believe me He knows because He took it all on the cross, but if God took Him out of pain in the moment to make things good, there would be no amazing ending where God brought about the infinitely better.

The storm might rage on and the pain might not leave right now, but God never sleeps, and He is working on your behalf. And on that cross, just as He turned what was meant for evil into good, defeating death and bringing life, so will He too for you.

And though the storm rages and it’s rained so much you don’t remember the sun…

when it’s over, all that water just might produce more growth and beauty than you’ve ever known before, and nothing strong and beautiful ever bloomed from a couple drops alone.



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