this one’s for you.

You were energetic and joyful, and I admit I was amused even though I was quiet at first. We slowly became friends and you quickly worked your way to being my best friend. And all those fun college times as friends wouldn’t even compare to the fun we’d have as our relationship progressed.

Your goofy personality and quick wit can speedily brighten any mood, and I know for sure you leave people better off than you met them….after all, my world is so much brighter since you walked into it.

And since then I’ve only watched you grow, change, and develop into the man of God you are today. You’ve always given your all to every activity, every relationship with others, every leadership role. I’ve watched you grow from loss and struggle, and use it to help others and encourage them.

And we’ve seen loss and we’ve seen trial, we’ve tasted difficulty until it seemed to run through our blood…we’ve endured what could’ve easily broken but instead made us incredibly stronger.

And on the day we learned I was sick I jumped in your arms and you twirled me around because we had finally gotten answers, but we had no idea just what the next year would bring.

But since the beginning you’ve been nothing but fully invested, memorizing pills and the numbers of drops, doing strengthening exercises and detox therapies with me to support me more.

And when I looked out at the crowd many times to see hardly anyone, you were always front row cheering me on, and pointing up and onward to Christ.

And those nights we’d watch all the others go out and “be normal” and the tears flowed steadily, you’d pull me off the chair and hold me up while we slowly danced under the dimmed kitchen light.

You whisper that I’m beautiful in the dim light of my room, while feeding me chicken broth and replacing ice packs.

You wipe tears and calm fears,

And greet my insecurities with grace.

And right when the nightmare proves more dark, you cup my face and speak calm, assuring truths–confident in the good and the Greater Good.

You are my biggest encourager, and your strength shows a confidence grounded in Christ and His plan.

We sit amid hushed voices and indolent choices, but you wink across the room reminding me it will be different for us.

I watch the sparkle in your eyes as you laugh deeply across the table, and I love your zest for life.

You give, you sacrifice, you love, and my bursting heart can’t contain my gratitude.

You give up your time and energy enthusiastically and willingly, and I know I’m quiet when I’m sick but you don’t know how thankful I am…how loved I feel by you.


And my ring? Well it just serves as a reminder, that you and me walking with God through life together? It only gets better and deeper with time. And love will only grow through the muck and the mire to produce beauty that’s constantly watered with God’s grace.




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